Hadi Pakzad (هادی پاکزاد)

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         Hadi Pakzad 1982-2016: "ه-پ", who was one of the artists that started noveling & rock music composing in his teen ages. He was born in December 1982 in Mashhad, Iran. On Fr 27th May 2016, deeply saddened to heard that ه-پ committed a suicide and the news spread nothing about his death causes & purposes of leaving life.
         He got involved with music free of classical poetry & philosophical articles. Most of his poems are imaginable & in forms of short ambiguous plays.
         He recorded his first studio album in 2002, since then he has released 7 concept albums plus an official selected one: "Darkness", which in all musical or lyrical ideas, overall themes and stories were contributed.

         One of his mentionable characteristic trait was his sense of generosity. The acquired benefit of his artistic activities was given to charities.

         The given reason for his avoidance of presence in official and legal music markets was the factor of choice.
         He said: "In underground system I have the chance to choose my audiences, whereas; in legal and official system I only have the chance of being chosen".